Petition for an Exception to a Graduate Policy

Master’s and Doctoral Students

Please use this online tool to submit a petition to the Academic Dean. Be prepared to provide the reason(s) why you think that your petition should be granted, along with any supporting documents. If you seek an exemption to University policy, you must provide a justification for such an exemption.

Once you submit your petition, you will receive a copy of that petition via email. Please keep it for your records. At the same time, your petition will be routed to the appropriate University faculty and staff for their consideration, beginning with your Graduate Advisor. The Academic Dean of your College/School will approve or deny your request. The decision of the Academic Dean is final.

To withdraw from school, inquire about a grade change, or request a change of program, please contact your Graduate Advisor, or submit the appropriate form, instead of submitting a petition.

NOTE: Petitions requesting waiver of tuition, fees or parking tickets cannot be approved through the petition process.


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