Graduate Catalog  2006-2007
     Note: This Catalog was published in August 2006 and supersedes the 2005-2006 Catalog.
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Kim Lafontaine
144 Fine Arts

Courses: THEA

Graduate Faculty

Gaupp, La Fontaine
Associate Professors
Chapa,, Kongevick, Maher
Assistant Professor


The graduate course offerings in theatre arts are provided to support other graduate degree programs and to meet the express needs of students. No program leading to a graduate degree in theatre arts exists at this time.

The grade of R (research in progress) is a permanent grade; completing course requirements in a later semester cannot change it. To receive credit for an R-graded course, the student must continue to enroll in the course until a passing grade is received.

An incomplete grade (the grade of X) cannot be given in a course that is graded R, nor can the grade of R be given in a course that is graded X. To receive credit for a course in which the student earned an X, the student must complete the course requirements. Enrolling again in the course in which an X was earned cannot change a grade of X. At the discretion of the instructor, a final grade can be assigned through a change of grade form.

Three-hour thesis courses and three- and six-hour dissertation courses are graded R/F/W only (except social work thesis courses). The grade of P (required for degree completion for students enrolled in thesis or dissertation programs) can be earned only in six- or nine-hour thesis courses and nine-hour dissertation courses. In the course listings below, R-graded courses are designated either "Graded P/F/R" or "Graded R." Occasionally, the valid grades for a course change. Students should consult the appropriate Graduate Advisor or instructor for valid grade information for particular courses. (See also the sections titled "R" Grade, Credit for Research, Internship, Thesis or Dissertation Courses and Incomplete Grade in this catalog.)

Courses in Theatre (THEA)

Special topics in theatre; offered periodically, with subject matter determined by instructor and student interest. Previous topics have included: Design Portfolio Workshop; Alternative Actor Training Workshop; Playwriting; Improvisation; and Styles in Acting.


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