Graduate Catalog  2006-2007
     Note: This Catalog was published in August 2006 and supersedes the 2005-2006 Catalog.
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Program in Engineering Management

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Admission Criteria | Degree Requirements

Area of Study and Degree

Engineering Management

Master's Degree Plan


Graduate Advisor

D.H. Liles
420 Woolf Hall, 817.272.3092

Graduate Faculty

The Graduate Faculty of the colleges of Business Administration and Engineering


The Engineering Management Program is offered as an interdisciplinary program that integrates engineering and business concepts. The curriculum prepares an experienced professional engineer or scientist for a leadership role in planning, developing and managing firm's technological resources including people, technology and processes. Graduates acquire an understanding how to use the technical base to accomplish the organization's operational, strategic and competitive objectives.


Applicants must hold a baccalaureate degree in science, mathematics, engineering or other appropriate field.

Unconditional Admission

Unconditional admission into the Engineering Management Program is granted if all of the following conditions are met.

Probationary Admission Criteria

Prospective students not meeting the conditions for unconditional admission may be granted probationary admission if their GPA is 2.6 or greater. Students granted probationary admission must maintain a GPA of at least 3.0 for the first 9 hours completed at UTA. Other conditions, such as deficiency courses, may be specified by the Graduate Advisor.


The admission decision is deferred if insufficient information is available.


Prospective students with a GPA below 2.6 may be denied admission at the discretion of the Graduate Advisor. The Graduate Advisor may grant probationary admission if other factors suggest a potential for success in the graduate program.

Degree Requirements

The M.S. degree in Engineering Management requires 36 hours of coursework. The coursework is divided between the Department of Information Systems and Operations Management and the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering. The program includes such courses as:

Accounting Analysis
Engineering Management
Engineering Economics
Management Sciences
Quality Management
Product Management
Project Management
Management of Knowledge and Technology
Simulation and Optimization
Technology Development and Deployment


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