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Vol LXXXVII - July 2004
Graduate Catalog 2004-2006
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     Note: This Catalog is superseded by the 2005-2006 Catalog.

The University of Texas System

Board of Regents


James Richard Huffines, Chair
Rita Crocker Clements, Vice-Chair
Woody L. Hunt, Vice-Chair
Cyndi Taylor Krier, Vice-Chair
Francie A. Frederick, Counsel and Secretary


(Terms Expire February 1, 2005)
Robert A. Estrada, Dallas
Woody L. Hunt, El Paso
Charles Miller, Houston

(Terms Expire February 1, 2007)
Rita Crocker Clements, Dallas
Judith L. Craven, M.D., Houston
Cyndi Taylor Krier, San Antonio

(Terms Expire February 1, 2009)
John W. Barnhill, Jr., Brenham
H. Scott Caven, Jr., Houston
James Richard Huffines, Austin


Mark G. Yudof, L.L.B., Chancellor
Kenneth I. Shine, M.D., Executive Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs
Philip R. Aldridge, M.B.A., Executive Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs
Teresa A. Sullivan, Ph.D., Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

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