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Vol LXXXVII - July 2004
Graduate Catalog 2004-2006
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     Note: This Catalog is superseded by the 2005-2006 Catalog.

Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

department web page: www.uta.edu/coed/educleadership/
department contact: education@uta.edu
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Charles Funkhouser
420 Hammond Hall

Admissions Requirements | Programs | Degree Requirements | Courses: EDAD

Degrees and Certificates

Master of Education (M.Ed.)
Superintendent Certification
Principal Certification
Temporary Principal Certificate
Temporary Assistant Principal Certificate

Master's Degree Plans


Graduate Advisor

Ernest Johnson
420 Hammond, 817.272.2841

Graduate and Certification Services

Brendan Hardy

Superintendent Certification

Ron Caloss
817.272.2841 or 817-690-8045

Principal Certification

Diane Patrick
418 Hammond, 817.272.3575

Graduate Faculty


Funkhouser, Gerlach

Associate Professor


Assistant Professors

Patrick, Stader

Admissions Requirements

Unconditional Admission

Probationary Admission

Applicants who do not meet all of the criteria for unconditional admission will be considered for probationary admission on the basis of the following:

Terms of Probation upon Acceptance: All students admitted under probation status will be required to earn a 3.5 GPA during the first 12 hours of graduate coursework in the program.

Provisional Admission

An applicant unable to supply all required documentation prior to the admissions deadline, but who otherwise appears to meet admissions requirements may be granted provisional admission.

Deferred Admission

An applicant's admission may be deferred when a file is not complete or when denying admission is not appropriate.

Denied Admission

An applicant may be denied admission if the conditions for unconditional and probationary admission have not been met.


The Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies currently offers the Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Educational Administration. Coursework for the Principalship certification is built into the master's degree plan of 39 hours. Candidates are required to pass the state certification exam to be recommended for Principal Certification. The Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies offers two routes to Principal Certification with a master's degree: a campus-based approach, and the three innovative field-based programs, Scholars of Practice, Educational Leadership UTA and the Urban Collaborative for Educational Leadership. The latter two options are open only to those who are selected by their districts to participate.

With the assistance of the Graduate Advisor, candidates are required to complete a tentative program of work prior to completing 12 hours of graduate work. This program of work is filed in the Graduate School and may be modified as needed. Candidates for master's degrees are required to submit a final program of work during their final semester of coursework for the degree. For candidates who already have a master's degree, an 18-24 hour option is provided for the Principal Certification. A passing score on the state principal certification exam is required.

Superintendent Certification

Educational Leadership and Policy Studies offers coursework and field experiences leading to Superintendent Certification. Upon completion of superintendency coursework, a passing score on the Superintendent Examination for the Certification of Educators in Texas (TExES), and evidence of Principal or equivalent certification, candidates will be recommended to the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) for issuance of the certificate.

Doctor of Philosophy in Public and Urban Administration with Educational Leadership Emphasis

The Ph.D. in Public and Urban Administration with an emphasis in educational leadership and policy studies prepares candidates for key administrative positions in educational institutions, for upper-level management positions in public- and nonprofit-sector organizations and for teaching and research positions in institutions of higher education. The School of Public and Urban Affairs (SUPA) and the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, College of Education (COEd), teach the program jointly. Interested students should first contact the SUPA Ph.D. Advisor at 817.272.3071, Fax 817.272.5008 or E-mail: lgordon@uta.edu. Visit www.uta.edu/supa for more information.

Temporary Administrator Certification

The temporary Assistant Principal Certificate is effective for five years and is nonrenewable. An applicant must hold both a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution and a valid Texas teacher certificate. Applicants must also provide evidence of two years of creditable teaching experience and must have successfully completed EDAD 5381, 5382, 5383, and 5384. Applicants must complete application forms and pay the necessary fees. No TExES exam is required.

The Temporary Principal Certificate is available to applicants who meet all of the requirements cited above and, in addition, must have earned a master's degree. As with the above, no TExES exam is required. Visit www.sbec.state.tx.us for information regarding status of temporary certificates.

Principal Certification

Applicants who have earned master's degrees from accredited institutions and are only interested in Principal Certification will be required to complete 18-24 semester credit hours of EDAD coursework and internships. An applicant must hold a valid Texas Teacher Certificate, have a minimum of two creditable years of teaching experience, be admitted to the Principal Preparation program and complete a certification plan with the Graduate Advisor.

Required EDAD Courses for Principal Certification

5330, 5381, 5382, 5383, 5384, 5389, 5399, and one additional course from 5322, 5376, 5377, 5380, 5388, 5395, or other course approved by the graduate advisor and department chair.

Master of Education with Principal Certification


Foundations - 6 credit hours
EDAD 5382. Foundations of Educational Administration
EDAD 5380. Diversity in Educational Settings

Research - 3 credit hours
EDAD 5322. Educational Research and Evaluation

Technology - 3 credit hours
EDTC 53__ or equivalent

Instructional Leadership / Curriculum & Instruction – General: 6 credit hours from the following selected or by advisement:
EDAD 5330. Leadership in the Instructional Setting (required but can be waived with approved Instructional Leadership Development / ILD Certification)
EDUC/EDAD 5309. Advanced Instructional Strategies
EDUC/EDAD 5305. Curriculum Design, Implementation and Evaluation

Administrative Leadership - 9 credit hours
EDAD 5381. Political and Legal Aspects of Education
EDAD 5383. The Principalship
EDAD 5384. Resource Management in Education

Policy Studies – 6 credit hours
EDAD 5376. Educational Governance
EDAD 5388. Educational Policy Issues in the Public Schools
EDAD 5395. Futuristic Leadership Roles in School Administration
EDAD 5377. Contemporary Issues in Education

Internship and Capstone Courses - 6 credit hours
EDAD 5389. Administrative Internship (enroll in early in sequence)
EDAD 5399. Capstone Internship in Educational Administration
(this course is taken during the last Fall or Spring semester of the program)

Additional courses selected or by advisement to reach 39 credit hours minimum for degree.

Degree Total (minimum): 39 credit hours
Refer to Department Guidebook or advisors for sequence of courses.

Degree Requirements

The Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies offers two routes to earn the Master of Education in Educational Administration (M.Ed.) and Principalship Certification: the campus-based self-selecting program, and several cohort programs (i.e. groups of students following the same sequences and programs) are also available.

The grade of R (research in progress) is a permanent grade; completing course requirements in a later semester cannot change it. To receive credit for an R-graded course, the student must continue to enroll in the course until a passing grade is received.

An incomplete grade (the grade of X) cannot be given in a course that is graded R, nor can the grade of R be given in a course that is graded X. To receive credit for a course in which the student earned an X, the student must complete the course requirements. Enrolling again in the course in which an X was earned cannot change a grade of X. At the discretion of the instructor, a final grade can be assigned through a change of grade form.

Three-hour thesis courses and three- and six-hour dissertation courses are graded R/F/W only (except social work thesis courses). The grade of P (required for degree completion for students enrolled in thesis or dissertation programs) can be earned only in six- or nine-hour thesis courses and nine-hour dissertation courses. In the course listings below, R-graded courses are designated either "Graded P/F/R" or "Graded R." Occasionally, the valid grades for a course change. Students should consult the appropriate Graduate Advisor or instructor for valid grade information for particular courses. (See also the sections titled "R" Grade, Credit for Research, Internship, Thesis or Dissertation Courses and Incomplete Grade in this catalog.)

Courses in Educational Administration (EDAD)

Course fee information is published in the online Student Schedule of Classes. Please refer to www.uta.edu/schedule for a detailed listing of specific course fees.

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