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Department of Kinesiology
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Barry C. McKeown

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Everhart, Fincher

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Beckham, Wilson, Yilla


Graduate course offerings in kinesiology are provided to support other graduate degree programs in such areas as nursing, education, and biomedical engineering and to meet the expressed needs of students. No program leading to a graduate degree in kinesiology exists at this time.

The grade of R (research in progress) is a permanent grade; it cannot be changed by completing course requirements in a later semester. To receive credit for an R-graded course, the student must continue to enroll in the course until a passing grade is received.

An incomplete grade (the grade of X) cannot be given in a course that is graded R, nor can the grade of R be given in a course that is graded X. To receive credit for a course in which the student earned an X, the student must complete the course requirements. A grade of X cannot be changed by enrolling again in the course in which an X was earned. At the discretion of the instructor, a final grade can be assigned through a change of grade form.

Three-hour thesis courses and three- and six-hour dissertation courses are graded R/F/W only (except social work thesis courses). The grade of P (required for degree completion for students enrolled in thesis or dissertation programs) can be earned only in *six- or nine-hour thesis courses and nine-hour dissertation courses. In the course listings below, R-graded courses are designated either"Graded P/F/R" or "Graded R." Occasionally, the valid grades for a course change. Students should consult the appropriate Graduate Advisor or instructor for valid grade information for particular courses. (See also the sections titled "R" Grade, Credit for Research, Internship, Thesis or Dissertation Courses and Incomplete Grade in this catalog.)

Exercise and Sport Studies (EXSS)

Course fee information is published in the online Student Schedule of Classes at Please refer to this Web site for a detailed listing of specific course fees.

5320. APPLICATION OF EXERCISE PHYSIOLOGY (2.2). Basic exercise physiology as related to training for bioenergetics, circulorespiratory, and neuromuscular function; physical fitness assessment; exercise prescription and leadership; body composition techniques; special problems related to physical training.

5192, 5292, 5392. SPECIAL TOPICS IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. In-depth study of selected topics in physical education and exercise science. May be repeated when topics vary. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

Distance Learning Option

The Department of Kinesiology at The University of Texas at Arlington is one of six University of Texas System institutions cooperating in The University of Texas TeleCampus online Master's in Kinesiology. This online Master's program allows students to complete all course requirements from the convenience of their home or work-site computers. There currently is no residency requirement. Only basic computer competency is necessary (logging on to a Web site, sending and receiving e-mail). Students are required to enroll in one of the degree plans at one of the four institutions currently offering the Master of Kinesiology degree (U.T. El Paso, U.T. Pan American, U.T. Permian Basin and U.T. Tyler), but may take the course from any of the six U.T. System institutions offering the course. The Department of Kinesiology at U.T. Arlington is currently involved only in the teaching of selected courses and does not award an online Master of Kinesiology degree. To learn more about the degree, access the UT TeleCampus Web site at


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