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Graduate Catalog 2002-2004

The College of Business Administration

Dean: Daniel D. Himarios, Ph.D.

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Mission and Philosophy

The College of Business Administration strives to be a recognized contributor in the field of business education and research. It is our mission to build and maintain a quality educational environment, creating value for our constituencies.

Our achievement-focused programs produce quality graduates at all degree levels. These programs respond to changing needs and opportunities, generate and communicate new knowledge and ideas to benefit the scholarly, public and private sectors, and provide a wide range of intellectual and professional services locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Our philosophy can be summarized in the following objectives:

  1. To discover and disseminate knowledge that, through its relevance and rigor, benefits our students, practitioners and other constituencies.
  2. To continue to develop and provide instructional programs that meet the needs of our students: part-time, full-time, employed and international.
  3. To maintain a rigorous and effective client-focused environment that capitalizes on our urban setting.
  4. To continually improve all our academic programs, with special emphasis on master's programs, to effectively address the diversified needs of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.
  5. To further our community interaction by offering off-campus courses, distance education and professional development seminars.
  6. To enhance the visibility of the college and improve its financial strength through increased external funding.
  7. To provide advisory services to academic, professional and other organizations.

History and Overview

Since its origination in 1959, the College of Business Administration has been one of the fastest growing business schools in the nation. This growth has mirrored the dynamic growth of the D/FW Metroplex as the college has worked hard to provide high quality educational programs. The college is organized into six academic departments: Accounting, Economics, Finance and Real Estate, Information Systems and Operations Management, Management, and Marketing. A total of 138 full-time equivalent faculty organize and conduct classes, including 97 with doctoral degrees from some of the top schools in the nation. The college currently enrolls 5,500 students, of whom more than 1,000 are enrolled in 12 graduate business programs.


The College of Business Administration is fully accredited in business and accounting at both the undergraduate and graduate levels by the AACSB -- International.

Scholastic Activity and Research Interests of the Faculty

Many of the faculty have professional certifications and years of experience in the business world, including serving as consultants, expert witnesses, and in other professional capacities. They actively engage in research that enables them to be at the forefront of the discovery of new knowledge in their fields. All these activities allow them to bring professional experiences and new ideas into the classroom.

Special Programs and Opportunities

The Graduate Advanced Studies Program

This is a certificate program open to those holding a graduate degree in a business field. Applicants must meet normal MBA admissions requirements and complete 12-21 semester hours of graduate courses in a specified area. This is an excellent way for business professionals to update their business skills in advanced areas.

Dual Degree Programs

The college offers a rich array of dual degree opportunities that build synergistic skill sets that prepare students for more advanced career opportunities. While most dual degree programs include two graduate business degrees, the Professional Management Option in the MBA program allows professionals with undergraduate degrees in engineering, architecture, nursing, education, and urban affairs to complete a master's degree in that field along with the MBA. Dual degree programs allow students to earn two degrees with a substantial reduction in course requirements. The MBA Program also offers a special dual degree with Thunderbird's Master of International Management.

Integrated Five-year Programs

Professional Programs in Accounting (PPIA)

The PPIA program is designed to meet the needs of exceptional students. The Professional Program in Accounting allows a student to earn both a bachelor of business administration and master of science in accounting or taxation. Once accepted into this integrated program, students may enroll in graduate courses prior to completing their undergraduate degree. The program may be completed in approximately one less semester than required to earn separate bachelor's and master's degrees.

Professional Program in Business (PPIB)

The PPIB program is designed for students with outstanding academic performance and very focused interests in pursuing a master's degree. Students can meet requirements for both bachelor's and master's degrees in a stacked, five-year format. The five-year, two-degree program can be completed with up to 12 fewer hours than would be required in completing the degrees separately. Both degrees are awarded simultaneously using any possible combination of U.T. Arlington undergraduate business programs (B.B.A., B.A., B.S.) and graduate programs (M.B.A., M.S., M.A.). An interested student should consult with an undergraduate advisor and appropriate graduate program advisor prior to entering the senior year of undergraduate study.

Careers Program

An optional four-part Careers Program is open to all graduate students. This program provides excellent support for students in identifying and preparing for the career of their choice. The program begins with a comprehensive careers class (BUS4 5338) that provides extensive individual assessments, a study of analytical models of career choice, an exploration of the opportunities available in the marketplace, and mentoring and networking opportunities. The second part is a graduate internship program that is available to students of all graduate programs to assist them in gaining experience integral to their careers. Study abroad and exchange programs comprise the third part of the program. The final component is advice from faculty members on how to best build a program of study that focuses upon a particular career track. The MBA program supports 65 different career tracks, while the other master's programs are designed for specialized study.

Internship Program

Graduate students are encouraged to participate in internships to supplement and complement classroom education by providing valuable experience and training in their chosen area of expertise. Internships allow students to meet and interact with professionals in the work setting, identify and develop critical professional skills, clarify their own career goals and interests, and develop important contacts for future development. This paid internship program is open to all graduate students who have completed nine hours of graduate courses, are in good academic standing (GPA => 3.0), and have secured their advisor's approval for up to three hours of graduate credit. Interested students should ask for a fact sheet and an application in the Graduate Business Services Office. After gaining the advisor's approval, students will complete an application and meet with the appropriate departmental internship coordinator. Once an internship is obtained, the coordinator will monitor progress and assign an appropriate grade.

Study Abroad/Exchange Programs

The leaders for the 21st century will be deeply involved in business opportunities around the world. Many study abroad/exchange programs are available to help students prepare in both curricular and extracurricular ways for these future international leadership roles. Students wishing to study abroad are encouraged to review the many opportunities contained in the Study Abroad Library in the International Office. Once a specific program is identified, students discuss the available courses with their advisor to ensure they will help meet degree requirements. Depending on their terms, study abroad/exchange programs may allow students to complete courses as resident credit or as transfer credit.


Graduate programs include the Ph.D. in Business Administration and the Master of Business Administration at the college level and eight master's level specialized programs in the departments. All programs are listed below.

Graduate Programs at the College Level
Master of Business Administration
Online Master of Business Administration
Ph.D. in Business Administration

Specialized Programs at the Department Level


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