Graduate Catalog


By default, you are governed by the rules of the catalog in effect when you enrolled. You can also opt to be governed by the rules of any subsequent catalog that was in effect while you were in residence. See the Graduation Requirements and Procedures section of the University Catalog for more information on how to make this change.

The University of Texas at Arlington Online Graduate Catalog is the official version and takes precedence over any printed version of the catalog.


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Catalogs that are no longer online are still available through the University Archives. Please contact the University Archivist for more information.

The catalog is a general information electronic publication only. It is not intended to nor does it contain all regulations that relate to students. The provisions of this catalog do not constitute a contract, express or implied, between any applicant, student or faculty member and The University of Texas at Arlington or The University of Texas System. The University reserves the right to withdraw courses at any time, change fees, rules, calendars, curriculum, degree programs, degree requirements, graduation procedures and any other requirements affecting students. Changes will become effective whenever the proper authorities so determine and will apply to both prospective students and those already enrolled.

You are held individually responsible for complying with all requirements of the rules and regulations of the University and the Board of Regents of The University of Texas System. Failure to read and comply with policies, regulations and procedures will not exempt you from whatever penalties you might incur.