Tuition & Expenses

Investing in a graduate education at The University of Texas at Arlington is one financial decision that you will never regret. At UT Arlington, we offer you a high quality education for a very reasonable price.

The Graduate Catalog provides a summary of graduate tuition, fees, and charges. Please see Student Financial Services for a full description of one semester’s tuition, fees, and charges. The Sponsored Students section of the Bursar Services site provides direct billing to businesses and agencies offering tuition assistance to their employees and clients.

Please note that tuition costs are set by the Texas legislature and subject to change without notice.

  1. Estimates are based on the tuition rates for the current academic year, which are subject to slight changes.
  2. The UT Arlington online Registration Cost Estimation tool provides an estimate of tuition and fees by semester based on criteria that you select, such as your major, exemptions, course level, semester credit hours, and delivery. The combination chosen by you may not always be permissible in actual registration. This estimate does not include lab fees or special course fees specific to certain colleges, courses, or sections.
  3. Estimated living expenses include rent, food, health insurance, utilities, incidentals and gasoline for transportation between home, work and school. These figures are estimates only and can be higher or lower depending on a student’s lifestyle.

International Students should also refer to our Financial / Immigration Forms for additional financial information and documents that pertain to them.