Master’s Forms

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Change Residency Status
I have been classified as a non-Texas resident for tuition purposes but I have physically resided and been gainfully employed in Texas for the past twelve consecutive months and wish to have my eligibility for Texas Resident tuition rates re-evaluated. Click here for additional information
I want to apply for the age 65-or-older residency exemption. Click here for additional information.
Drop Classes or Withdraw as a Graduate Student
I was admitted by the Graduate School and have enrolled in classes as a graduate student, but wish to stop taking graduate level courses before the last day to drop. Download (PDF, 29KB)
I want to drop graduate-level classes after the drop date. I understand that I must drop all my classes and withdraw from UT Arlington. Download (PDF, 274KB)
Extend/Change Provisional or Probationary Status (Petition)
I would like to have my provisional and/or probationary admission or academic status extended.
I was dropped from the Graduate School at the end of last semester and would like to register this semester for graduate level courses.
Reservation of Courses for Graduate Credit by Undergraduates
I am an undergraduate student and I’d like to register for graduate courses in order to apply them toward a Master’s degree at UT Arlington. Download (PDF, 127KB)
GMAP, Degree Plan Worksheet and Transfer of Credits
Tentative and Final Programs of Work are no longer required by the Graduate School. Degree plans are now electronic. For a copy of your degree plan, now known as the Graduate Maverick Academic Progress report (GMAP,) or to request changes to your GMAP please see your Graduate Advisor. Some departments may continue to use the degree plan worksheet below as a tool for mapping a student’s degree plan.
I need to fill out a degree plan worksheet. Download (PDF, 145KB)
I want to request that transfer credit from another university be used to satisfy my UT Arlington degree requirements. Click here for additional information.
Graduation Requirements & Award of Certificates
I want to apply to graduate at the end of this semester.
I would like to review the presentation from the Graduation Workshop. Download (PDF, 1.21MB)
I will complete all requirements for my certificate by the end of this semester. Download (PDF, 27KB)
I would like to see the list of graduation requirements for thesis/dissertation students. Download (DOCX, 15KB)
I would like to see the graduation requirements for Non-thesis/Thesis-substitute students. Download (PDF, 28KB)
I would like to change one of my committee members. Download (PDF, 30KB)
I will complete all requirements for graduation by the end of this semester, but not in time to graduate. I will not register for classes the next semester and want to be awarded my degree (In Absentia.) Download (PDF, 15KB)
I have met all the requirements for my degree but I need a letter that indicates that I have satisfied all my degree requirements before the degree is actually conferred and listed on a transcript (Letter of Certification.) Request Letter of Certification
I would like to reorder my diploma. Click here for additional information
Master’s Examination
I want to schedule my Final Master’s Examination. Download (PDF, 30KB)
I want a Final Master’s Examination Report form in order to submit the results of my examination. Download (PDF, 70KB)
I want to see the graduation requirements for MA/MS non-thesis or thesis-substitute students. Download (PDF, 28KB)
Request Exception to a Graduate School Policy (Petitions)
I would like to be granted an exception to a Graduate School regulation described in sections of the Graduate Catalog titled “Advanced Degrees and Requirements or General Graduate School Regulations.”
Request Permission to Enroll as an Undergraduate
I was admitted and enrolled as a Graduate Student, but wish to stop taking graduate level courses. I want to apply and enroll as an undergraduate student and will no longer take graduate-level courses after my status has been changed.
Request a Leave of Absence
I am currently a student in good academic standing and wish to request a temporary Leave of Absence from the University. Download (PDF, 86KB)