Graduate Degrees & Certificates


School of Architecture



Master’s Degrees

Architecture, MARCH


Property Repositioning & Turnaround Strategies


Landscape Architecture

Master’s Degrees

Landscape Architecture, MLA


College of Business



Master’s Degrees

Accounting, MS

Professional Accounting, MPA

Taxation, MS

Doctoral Degrees

Accounting, PhD


Tax Certificate


Business Administration

Master’s Degrees

Business Administration, MBA (Flexible Format)

Business Administration, MBA (Professional Cohort)

Executive MBA

Online Business Administration (Online MBA)

Doctoral Degrees

Business Administration, PhD


Graduate Advanced Studies Business Certificate



Master’s Degrees

Economics, MA


Finance and Real Estate

Master’s Degrees

Quantitative Finance, MS

Doctoral Degrees

Finance (Business Administration), PhD


Health Care Administration

Master’s Degrees

Healthcare Administration, MS


Information Systems & Operations Management

Master’s Degrees

Information Systems, MS

Doctoral Degrees

Information Systems (Business Administration), PhD

Mathematical Sciences, Information Systems, PhD



Master’s Degrees

Human Resource Management, MS

Doctoral Degrees

Management (Business Administration), PhD



Master’s Degrees

Marketing Research, MS

Doctoral Degrees

Marketing (Business Administration), PhD


College of Education and Health Professions


Educational Curriculum & Instruction

Master’s Degrees

Academic Partnership Ed Curriculum & Instruction, MEd Mathematics

Academic Partnership Ed Curriculum & Instruction, MEd Science

Academic Partnership Ed Curriculum & Instruction, MEd Trip Lit

Ed Curriculum & Instruction, MEd

Ed Curriculum & Instruction, MEd Non Thesis Mathematics

Ed Curriculum & Instruction, MEd Non Thesis Science

Ed Curriculum & Instruction, MEd Writing Focus

Mind, Brain and Education, MEd Non Thesis

Reading Specialist, MEd

Teaching - Early Childhood, MEdT

Teaching - Middle Level, MEdT

Teaching - Secondary Level, MEdT


Education in Teaching, All Level Certificate

Education in Teaching, Early Childhood Certificate

Education in Teaching, Mid-Level Certificate

Education in Teaching, Secondary Level Certificate

English Secondary Language Certificate

Gifted & Talented Certificate

Master Reading Teacher Certificate

Master Tech Teaching Certificate

Reading Specialist Certificate

School Counselor Certificate

Teaching - Teacher Certification Only


Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Master’s Degrees

Academic Partnership Ed Leadership & Policy Studies, MEd Non Thesis

Ed Leadership & Policy Studies, MEd

Doctoral Degrees

Ed Leadership & Policy Studies (K-16), PhD


Academic Partnership Ed Leadership & Policy Studies, Superintendent

Ed Leadership & Policy Studies, Certification Only

Principal Certificate

Superintendent Certificate



Master’s Degrees

Athletic Training, MS Non Thesis

Exercise Science, MS


College of Engineering



Master’s Degrees

Biomedical Engineering, MS

Doctoral Degrees

Biomedical Engineering, BS to PhD

Biomedical Engineering, PhD


Civil Engineering

Master’s Degrees

Civil Engineering, MEngr

Civil Engineering, MEngr Fast Track

Civil Engineering, MS

Doctoral Degrees

Civil Engineering, PhD


Computer Science and Engineering

Master’s Degrees

Computer Engineering, MS

Computer Science, MS

Software Engineering, MSWEN

Doctoral Degrees

Computer Engineering, BS to PhD

Computer Engineering, PhD

Computer Science, BS to PhD

Computer Science, PhD

Mathematical Sciences, Computer Science, PhD


Electrical Engineering

Master’s Degrees

Electrical Engineering, MEngr Non Thesis

Electrical Engineering, MS

Electrical Engineering, MS Fast Track

Doctoral Degrees

Electrical Engineering, BS to PhD

Electrical Engineering, PhD


Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Master’s Degrees

Engineering Management, MS

Industrial Engineering, MEngr

Industrial Engineering, MS

Logistics, MS

Systems Engineering, MS

Doctoral Degrees

Industrial Engineering, BS to PhD

Industrial Engineering, PhD


Materials Science and Engineering

Master’s Degrees

Materials Science and Engineering, MEngr

Materials Science and Engineering, MS

Doctoral Degrees

Materials Science and Engineering, BS to PhD

Materials Science and Engineering, PhD


Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Master’s Degrees

Aerospace Engineering, MEngr

Aerospace Engineering, MS

Mechanical Engineering, MEngr

Mechanical Engineering, MS

Doctoral Degrees

Aerospace Engineering, BS to PhD

Aerospace Engineering, PhD

Mechanical Engineering, BS to PhD

Mechanical Engineering, PhD


College of Liberal Arts


Art + Art History

Master’s Degrees

Art, MFA



Master’s Degrees

Communications, MA


Criminology & Criminal Justice

Master’s Degrees

Criminology and Criminal Justice, MA



Master’s Degrees

English, MA

Doctoral Degrees

English, PhD



Master’s Degrees

History, MA

Doctoral Degrees

Transatlantic History, BA to PhD

Transatlantic History, PhD


Archival Administration Certificate



Master’s Degrees

Linguistics, MA

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, MA

Doctoral Degrees

Linguistics, BA to PhD

Linguistics, PhD


Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)Gainful Employment Disclosure


Modern Languages

Master’s Degrees

Modern Languages, MA (Spanish or French Concentration)


Modern Languages, French Certificate

Modern Languages, Spanish Certificate



Master’s Degrees

Music Performance, MM Non Thesis

Music Performance, MM Thesis

Music, MM


Performance Certificate


Philosophy and Humanities

Master’s Degrees

Humanities, MA


Political Science

Master’s Degrees

Political Science, MA


Sociology and Anthropology

Master’s Degrees

Anthropology, MA

Sociology, MA Non Thesis

Sociology, MA Thesis

Sociology, MA Thesis Substitute


College of Nursing



Master’s Degrees

Academic Partnership Nurse Educator, MSN Non Thesis

Academic Partnership Nursing Admin, MSN

Academic Partnership, Nurse Family Practitioiner

Nurse Practitioner, Adult / Gerontology Primary Care

Nurse Practitioner, MSN

Nursing Admin Executive, MSN Non Thesis

Nursing Administration, MSN

Nursing Education, MSN

Doctoral Degrees

Doctor of Nursing Practice, DNP

Nursing Administration, BSN to PhD

Nursing Educator, BSN to PhD

Nursing, Clinical, BSN to PhD

Nursing, PhD


Nurse Educator

Nurse Practitioner, Acute Care

Nurse Practitioner, Acute Care Pediatric

Nurse Practitioner, Adult/Gerontology Primary Care Certificate

Nurse Practitioner, Family

Nurse Practitioner, NeonatalGainful Employment Disclosure

Nurse Practitioner, Pediatric


College of Science



Master’s Degrees

Biology, MS

Doctoral Degrees

Quantitative Biology, BS to PhD

Quantitative Biology, PhD


Chemistry & Biochemistry

Master’s Degrees

Chemistry, MS

Chemistry, MS Thesis Substitute

Doctoral Degrees

Chemistry, BS to PhD

Chemistry, PhD


Earth and Environmental Sciences

Master’s Degrees

Earth and Environmental Science / Geology, MS

Doctoral Degrees

Earth and Environmental Science, BS to PhD

Earth and Environmental Science, PhD


Environmental Science Certificate

GIS and Spatial Information Systems Certificate

Hazardous Materials and Waste Management Certificate

Petroleum Geoscience Certificate


Interdisciplinary Science

Master’s Degrees

Interdisciplinary Science, MA



Master’s Degrees

Mathematics (General Mathematics), MS

Mathematics (General Statistics), MS

Mathematics Teaching, MA

Mathematics, MA

Doctoral Degrees

Mathematical Sciences, Mathematics, PhD

Mathematics (General Mathematics), BS to PhD

Mathematics (General Mathematics), PhD

Mathematics (General Statistics), BS to PhD

Mathematics (General Statistics), PhD


Applied Statistics Certificate



Master’s Degrees

Physics, MS

Doctoral Degrees

Physics and Applied Physics, BS to PhD

Physics and Applied Physics, PhD



Master’s Degrees

Psychology, Experimental, MS

Psychology, Health/Neuroscience, MS

Psychology, Industrial and Organizational, MS

Doctoral Degrees

Psychology, Experimental, Health, PhD

Psychology, Experimental, PhD

Psychology, Health/Neuroscience, PhD


School of Social Work


Social Work

Master’s Degrees

Social Work, MSSW

Social Work, MSSW Non Thesis Advanced Specialty

Doctoral Degrees

Social Work, PhD


School of Urban and Public Affairs


City and Regional Planning

Master’s Degrees

City & Regional Planning, MCIRP


Developmental Review Certificate

Geographical Information Systems Certificate


Interdisciplinary Studies

Master’s Degrees

Interdisciplinary Studies, Sustainability, MS Non Thesis


Public Administration

Master’s Degrees

Academic Partnershp Online Master of Public Administration

Public Administration, MPA


Law & Public Policy Certificate

Public Budgeting and Financial Management Certificate

Urban Journalism Certificate

Urban Non-Profit Management Certificate


Urban and Public Affairs

Master’s Degrees

Urban Affairs, MA

Doctoral Degrees

Public & Urban Administration, PhD

Urban Planning & Public Policy, PhD