Travel Award of the Graduate Student Senate


Program Description and Requirements

The Graduate Student Senate (GSS,) in conjunction with UT Arlington Graduate Studies offers competitive Travel Awards (TAGSS) to Senate members who display above and beyond efforts in their service to GSS and its supporting organizations. These awards help defray the costs incurred by Senate members who are offered opportunities to conduct and present research at national and international institutions and conferences. Funded by generous, annual commitments from the Dean of the Graduate School, this award serves as a token of appreciation for contributions of the GSS to University of Texas, at Arlington (UTA.)

The GSS grants awards up to $1,250 for international research opportunities and $750 for national research opportunities. The GSS grants awards of up to $750 for international conference oral and poster presentations and $500 for national oral and poster conference presentations. Students may receive one travel award per academic year. The award given may be less than the maximum amount stated above depending proposed budget. All applications must be approved by the GSS Executive Board and UTA Graduate Studies.

These are competitive awards and students should submit professional, complete applications.



  1. In order to be considered an active member, students must volunteer at three or more GSS sponsored events per semester. Attendance at no more than two Senate meetings may be counted towards this requirement.
  2. Applicants must be considered active members in the semester in which they apply. The requirement listed above must be met before an application is submitted.
  3. Applicants must be in good academic standing.
  4. Applicants for oral or poster conference presentations must be the sole presenter. If the research is completed by a team, the applicant must be the first author or primary presenter of the paper or poster and the only member of the team who is traveling.


Download the TAGSS Application (PDF, 287KB)