What is EDGE?

EDGE provides a menu of workshops, training sessions, events and programs strategically arranged to assist graduate students in creating their own personalized program for graduate school success. EDGE gives graduate students the competitive advantage — the EDGE they need to succeed in graduate school and make a smooth transition into their future roles in academia, industry, government or other agencies.

Themes and Stages

The EDGE program features workshops and events that are classified by three themes —Academic, Professional, and Social— and sorted into three stages of graduate education —Early, Mid, Late. The EDGE matrix illustrates the structure of the program and aids students in selecting the most appropriate workshops and events during each stage in their academic career.


My EDGE allows each student to manage his or her current workshop registrations and track attendance history electronically.

EDGE Stories

Meet some students with an EDGE:


The EDGE program takes advantage of the expert knowledge available from the UT Arlington community to provide a wide array of resources for graduate students. Together, the EDGE partners have built a comprehensive program to support graduate students success.

Meet the EDGE Partners:


A special thanks to the following schools who contributed to the creation of EDGE: