New Student Basics


10-Digit ID

A 10-digit UTA ID number is issued to any person who has applied to UT Arlington. The ID number can be found at the bottom of correspondence issued by Graduate Studies, or a student may contact the Graduate Office by phone to obtain his/her ID number. Students should have their ID numbers handy when contacting most offices on campus and should include the number on any written correspondence with the university. Students and advisors should no longer use their SSNs as identifiers.

Advisors can find a student’s UTA ID by looking in MyMav under the “Add/Update a Person” screens. (Navigation: Campus Community > Personal Information > Add/Update a Person.) Enter the students last and first name and select “Search” to find students by name.

Username (NetID)

The NetID is the username used to access computer resources at the university, including email, file and print services, library resources, wireless and secure wired networks, the MyMav system, and many more services. The net id usually consists of first, middle, last initial followed by the last four digits of their 10 digit UTA ID (or SSN if student was admitted prior to Summer 2006) in the format fml####. If the Admissions Office did not include a middle name when entering the student’s data, an ‘x’ will be used in place of the middle initial. The NetID is permanent and will not change. If a student doesn’t know or has forgotten his or her net id, he/she can retrieve it online.


A temporary randomized password is given to students by the Admission’s Office in an e-mail (if an email address was provided) or via postal mail. Before a student can use any network resources, he/she must activate the NetID and establish his/her own password. If the student has not received a temporary password through the Admissions Office, they may contact the OIT Help Desk at 817.272.2208.

The password must be reset every 90 days.

If the student forgets the password they can reset their password by contacting the OIT Help Desk, located on the first floor of the library, at 817.272.2208, or by contacting OIT Client Services.


All students are given an email account (MavMail.) Student must activate their account. All official university correspondence is sent exclusively to the students university email. Students should regularly check their MavMail inbox. Once the account is activated, students can log in to their email account via the UT Arlington home page.

Mav Express Student ID Cards

The Mav Express ID card allows the student access to the library, MAC, residence halls, wellness center, computer labs, etc… as well as to various events on campus. It can also be used as a debit card.

To get a Mav Express card, a student must come in person to the Mav Express office located on the main level of the University Center during their office hours. All persons seeking a Mav Express card must present valid government issued photo identification (passport, driver’s license, etc…)

New student IDs are made beginning one week prior to the first class day of each semester. A student must be registered for classes at least one working day prior to receiving a Mav Express card.


Parking stickers are required even if the student parks on campus only in the evening. To find parking permit rates or to purchase a parking permit go to the Parking Office in the Wetsel Building. The online Campus Map can be used to find campus parking lots.


Students may purchase books, apparel, gifts, and computer products as well as sell back text books and purchase graduation regalia at the UTA Bookstore (817.272.2785.) The bookstore is located at 400 S Pecan Street.

Tuition Estimation and Payment

Approximate tuition and expenses can be calculated online.

Tuition and fees must be paid by the term due date to avoid cancellation of enrollment. Please note, the term due date is now set several days PRIOR to the first day of classes.

The University does not mail statements. It is the student’s responsibility to view his/her account online in MyMav and make payments accordingly.