Fellowships, GRA, & GTA



UT Arlington Graduate Studies provides financial support to graduate students. Fellowships are granted yearly in the Fall term. Fellows are nominated by their graduate advisor or by application, depending on department. Each Fellow must meet criteria set forth by the Graduate School. For more information, see our fellowship flyers & forms.

Graduate Dean Master’s Fellowship: These fellowships are granted for up to 4 semesters. Candidates must be students new to a UT Arlington graduate program in the Fall, must have a GPA of 3.0 in their last 60 undergraduate credit hours plus any graduate credit hours, and must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours in courses related to their programs of work in both long semesters and maintain a 3.0 in each term to retain their fellowships.

Once an academic department determines the recipients of a fellowship, the program staff completes a Fellowship Nomination Form (PDF, 65KB). Once the form is completed and sign by the appropriate departmental officials the form is sent to the Graduate School for processing. Once the Graduate School confirms eligibility the form is sent back to the academic department. Graduate Studies will also notify the department in the event that the student does not qualify.

Renewal of Fellowships

Once a graduate student receives a fellowship the student must maintain certain academic requirements to renew the fellowship the following semester.

Graduate Dean Master’s Fellowship: A Graduate Dean Master’s Fellowship is renewed for a maximum of two years for continuing students who maintain a GPA of 3.0. Students are required to be enrolled and complete a minimum of six hours in each of the fall and spring semesters. Students who drop enrollment below 6 hours will not be renewed the following semester Students who change majors will not be renewed in the semester following the change of major.

MyMav Coding Approvals of Fellowship Renewals: Advisors or Program Staff may submit a service indicator. Service Indicators are located in the MyMav module under Campus Community.

  1. Enter the term in which the student will be receiving the fellowship in the Service Ind Active Term.
  2. Enter GFL on the Service Indicator Data page of the student who qualify for the renewal of the fellowship.
  3. Enter the appropriate Service Ind Reason Code.

For more information, contact the Financial Aid Coordinator for Graduate Studies.


The university provides graduate scholarship opportunities. Academic Departments may provide other types of scholarship. See your academic department for more information.

Graduate Research Assistant

A student hired by their department that can contribute, with supervision, to a research program within or between departments. Research projects vary and may include work that is part of a faculty member’s ongoing research, a grant-funded project or other sponsored research

For more information see our GRA / GTA Forms.

Graduate Teaching Assistant

A student hired by their department to supports instructional activities within the department. Responsibilities may grading; assisting professors in conducting lecture classes or laboratory courses; or teaching lower-level undergraduate courses.

For more information see our GRA / GTA Forms.

For training, contact the Financial Aid Coordinator for Graduate Studies.

GTA Handbook (PDF, 359KB)

English Proficiency for Graduate Teaching Assistants

An applicant who is a non-native speaker of English must submit a TSE score of at least 45, or a score on the Speaking section of the TOEFL iBT of at least 23 or a score of at least 7 on the Speaking section of the IELTS. Alternatively, students who have not taken the TSE, or who have failed to attain a score of 23 on the Speaking section of the TOEFL iBT or a score of 7 on the Speaking section of the IELTS, may achieve a score of at least 45 on the SEA examination administered by the University of Texas at Arlington’s Assessment Services Office. The English proficiency requirement will be waived for non-native speakers of English who possess a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited US institution.