We are delighted in your interest in graduate studies at The University of Texas at Arlington. Our friends and neighbors know us as simply “UT Arlington” and we hope that you will soon join that growing crowd. This website will answer most of your immediate questions. But if you cannot find what you need here, there are many willing people ready to provide additional answers. Telephone and facsimile numbers, addresses and campus locations are provided elsewhere in the website to ensure that you know whom to contact and how to do so.

Our university is a comprehensive institution offering educational and research opportunities in most major disciplines. UT Arlington is ideally situated in North Texas in the vibrant community of Arlington midway between two cultural, economic and industrial centers of power and influence — the cities of Fort Worth and Dallas. Collectively, along with our other neighboring communities, the region is known as the "Metroplex" and stretches more than 50 miles across in all directions. The student in need of a little distraction can find everything from world-class symphonies and museums to cowboy rodeos, dude ranches and theme parks either in or within a short drive from Arlington. Culturally diverse and constantly stimulating, the Metroplex is a great place for a student to live.

UT Arlington is both young and old, and you will read more about that later in this website. At this point, suffice it to say that UT Arlington has celebrated its 100th anniversary as an educational institution, but also has recently passed its 30th anniversary as a member of the outstanding University of Texas System. To you, a prospective student, this duality means that UT Arlington is rich in tradition, but young enough to meet the demands of a changing society. Our academic programs welcome your interest, and whatever your interests may be, we believe that UT Arlington has something to offer you. During our Centennial observance, we used the motto: A Tradition of Excellence. A Future of Opportunity. We hope that you will soon become a part of that tradition and capitalize on the opportunities that UT Arlington offers.