Tina Castillo

Graduate Degrees Open Doors

Tina CastilloThe University of Texas at Arlington College of Business MBA alumnus, Tina Castillo, is now completing a dual graduate degree in the Master’s of Professional Accounting. For Castillo, a graduate degree means that new doors will open for career opportunities, which validates that she made the right choice in pursuing graduate studies.

“When I applied for jobs, I always got ‘No’ as an answer. I had a great job with Citigroup at their headquarters in Manhattan. However, when I started applying for other positions like analyst positions, I kept getting turned down as I did not have a business background, even though I had the work experience needed. This frustrated me,” Castillo recalls, “So, I decided to pursue an MBA.”

Castillo recalls that her desire to apply to an MBA program really started when she had helped a former boss, who was applying to an MBA program, with their application packet. “I helped her with her admissions packet. And when she got admitted, it was partly my victory.” Castillo applied to the UT Arlington MBA program shortly after as she is originally from the Dallas-Fort Worth area and wanted to come back home.

Castillo, since having received her MBA degree, has accepted a position with the Office of the Texas State Comptroller in Dallas and will be completing her second graduate degree this fall term.

“For the first time I feel like I am qualified. Rejection really hurts and it damages your self-esteem and we derive so much self-esteem from our careers. It is finally very exciting to hear a ‘Yes’ and especially in the current economy where it is difficult to find a job even with great education. I feel as though I have validation that I made the right choice by coming to UT Arlington, doing the dual degree option and making this huge investment.”


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